How To Style Jeans For Guys

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The most common look you’ll see most guys wearing is the jeans and t-shirt combination. When this is done right, it can look really good. But when it is done wrong, it can make you look like a slob or a man-child. There are certain dos and don’ts with jeans and t-shirts, so be sure to read on if you want to know how to wear the classic jeans and t-shirt look without looking dumb.

First off, you need to evaluate what kind of jeans you’re wearing. Baggy, saggy jeans with holes all over will never look good, no matter what you wear with it. It might be a trend to have jeans that don’t fit properly, but it won’t impress anybody above the age of twelve. Get well-fitted jeans, but avoid the skinny jeans. Ideally, you’ll want a pair of jeans that sit loose enough to be comfortable, but tailored enough to look neat. A straight-cut leg is the best choice in most cases. Make sure your jeans are high quality as well, like those from Jeans-Manufaktur. A pair of jeans that look like they’re of high quality can really tie a look together.

Next, you have to throw out your graphic t-shirts. They’re juvenile, no matter how cool you think they look. Plain t-shirts, striped t-shirts, button downs or golf shirts are the way to go. Think about all the leads in romantic comedies that you’ve seen wearing a graphic t-shirt? There won’t be many. The most common type of character you’ll see wearing a graphic t-shirt is that of a man-child or a literal child. Suffice it to say, graphic t-shirts are definitely a fashion don’t for any guy above the age of fifteen.

Throw out your ratty jeans and old graphic shirts, and get a new wardrobe from Jeans-Manufaktur.