Luck stopped running out when they all turned to changeyourlifespells

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It’s a hard, hard life.

They made a song out of this horrendous but true theme. It was the case in the olden days; it is still the case today. Life’s hard. Another expression could have been added to reflect this sentiment and general feeling that life is, oh, so, so hard. But there are kind witches waiting around the corner, waiting to be of service to the most hard-pressed soul whose luck seems to have run out. On meeting the kind witch, luck stops running out once changeyourlifespells are set in motion.


And the most surprising thing about this loving service offering is that they are being offered for free. This should come as a relief to those luckless souls whose money also just ran out. Spells are being cast to change people’s fortunes by a practicing Wiccan witch. These spells are real and have to be experienced to be believed. But then the sage advice goes that even before any spell is cast, it has to be believed that they will work.

It can be equated to asking for a miracle. It is also a case of being on a wing and a prayer. Prayer is successful when it is done with an insurmountable act of faith. Do not be surprised if the kind witch gives you a list of things to do to make your life better. Because actions speak louder than words. Like prayer, they go well with the spell. When all is said and done, a positive outcome, it is advised, can be expected within six weeks, no more, no less.

Make a list of all those things in your life that need to be changed. And then talk to your witch.