Seagate vs. Western Digital to decide on your best hybrid hard drive

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This, guys, is something to whet your appetite with. This is in case you’re thinking seriously of a hard drive upgrade, a long overdue one, it can be said. Short and snappy, this informational note introduces you to two brands to help you on your way towards selecting the best hybrid hard drive for your specific needs, whether this be for pleasure, or more importantly, perhaps, for business. This is a case of choosing between Seagate and Western Digital.

In this case, you’re going to have a choice between two Seagates, namely the 2TB and the FireCuda 2TB. Western Digital tries to go one better with a 4TB. TB stands for terabytes, and that’s a lot of data, speed and storage space already. The Seagate 2TB is a third generation SSHD with 8GB (gigabytes) of NAND flash put together with 7200RPM of hard drive, and 64MB (megabytes) of DRAM cache. The drive capacity for this Seagate model is deemed to be more than enough for the average user.

The Seagate FireCuda offers a little more than what the average user is accustomed to. It’s also ideal for gaming fanatics because it’s been primed with SSHD gaming, high performance and creative professional application hard drive. It works up to five times faster than the traditional 7200RPM hard drive.  And what about the Western Digital 4TB. Western Digital’s Blue SSHD is specifically designed for gaming and content creation.

It is apt for those who need to increase or optimize all performance capabilities at their workstations. The Western Digital has been declared to be a true rival to the formidable stable of Seagate models. Now, it is over to you to start digging deeper to make a final choice.